Missions Radio Podcasts

Check out the V4C 10 week podcast series on Missions Radio.

  • Podcast 1 – The empty promise  
  • Podcast 2 – The big win    
  • Podcast 3 – Sexual addiction  
  • Podcast 4 – The consequences of viewing pornography  
  • Podcast 5–  Recovery 
  • Podcast 6 – Media literacy and technology  
  • Podcast 7 – How to talk about the harms of viewing porn  
  • Podcast 8 – Legislating pornography   
  • Podcast 9 – Becoming an advocate  
  • Podcast 10 – Join the movement  


"The past 2 weeks we had the privilege of having Voice for Choice lead a summit at our church on pornography. Friends, especially my friends in ministry, you need to do whatever you can to book this organization to lead this summit at your church. I don't care how far away you are from the Houston area, get them there!!! Thank you Beau for communicating exactly what we feel like parents and teens alike need to hear in this culture!"  Youth leader - Katy, TX

“The Let’s Talk workshop that Voice for Choice presented was fantastic.  Since the workshop our family has had many open and on-going discussions about pornography.” Mother – Houston, TX

“Voice for Choice has been incredible with the support they have given us as we are beginning down the road of recovery and healing.”  Married couple - Houston, TX

About Us


Organizational info

Founded - 2016

Non-Profit 501 c3 organization operating under A.C.T International

Tag - Life's Better Without Porn

Hometown - Houston, TX

Email - info@voiceforchoice.org

Phone - 281.745.4302

Facebook @voiceforchoice

Twitter @V_4_C #LifesBetter


Programs and services

1) Raising awareness, educating people and equipping voices to advocate for choosing to live porn free lives.

2) Coaching and support of individuals, couples and families that want to break free from the bondage of pornography and have their relationships restored

3)  Advocacy and policy development for the regulation of pornography and the protection of our children.