Voice for Choice

"Life's Better Without Porn"

Voice for Choice

"Life's Better Without Porn"

Lead a Let's Talk small group

Have you been looking for a turn key, easy to use, and affordable curriculum that addresses the truth and dangers of viewing pornography?  Look no further.  Let's Talk for small groups is here. 

Let's Talk can be contextualized for any audience.  

6 Lessons, 25 videos, supplemental resources and a beautiful participant workbook are all ready for you to explore.  Check out the "Teach Let's Talk page" for more information.  Download the FREE Let's Talk leader's guide below.

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Lead a let's Talk small group

Let's Talk is an easy to use, low cost curriculum designed to get people talking about the truth and danger of viewing pornography.  


Host a V4C event

V4C has events for both youth and adults.  Our presentations can be contextualized to meet your needs and your objectives.

Make a "BOLD" statement

Make an impact without saying a word.  Represent V4C and the movement with our "BOLD T-shirt"  available in men's & women's.

"Stick it to porn"

Join our "stick it to porn" campaign.  Get yourself these sticky notes and easily spread the message that "Life's Better Without Porn."

Get support and training

Do you need help developing a plan to addressing the pervasive use of pornography in your school, church or organization?  

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Connect with a V4C coach

Are you looking for help?  Do you need a safe person to connect with?  V4C coaches are here to help.

Become a V4C coach

Do you feel called to walk the road with people looking for freedom, people who have been hurt or parents who need help?

About Us


Organizational info

V4C is a non-profit 501 c3 organization based in Houston, TX operating under A.C.T International.     



To see people living in freedom from the bondage of pornography.



To promote healthy sexuality through education, coaching and advocacy.