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Houston, TX

V4C is 501c-3 non-profit organization

operating as a department of A.C.T. International.

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"My mess is my message and my test is my testimony."

Beau Abdulla​ Founder - V4C

​​​​V4C connects individuals and couples to the resources they need to be set free from the bondage of pornographyWe walk the road with people beginning this journey by giving them the love and support they need.

V4C sets aside 30% of our annual program budget for this.  This includes  subsidizizing counseling for individuals and couples who can't afford professional help on their own.

​​Testimony - “Voice for Choice has been incredible with the support they have given us as we are beginning down the road of recovery and healing from sexual addiction.” Married Couple – Houston, TX

awareness, education & equipping



V4C concentrates on equipping people with the skills and knowledge needed to make informed decisions about not allowing pornography into their lives.  We teach people how to talk about the harms of pornography with others and to become champions for choosing to live a porn free life.  V4C invests in implementing trainings & workshops, providing scholarships for people to attend events, collaborative partnerships and spreading the message that "Life's better without porn."

V4C sets aside 50% of our annual program budget for this.

Testimony - “The Let's Talk workshop was fantastic. Since the workshop our family has had many open and on-going discussions about harms that come from viewing pornography.” Mother – Houston, TX

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WHAT WE DO & Why we do it

the v4c story

Beau began Voice for Choice in 2016 as a response to the healing and restoration he has experienced in his own life and marriage.   He felt a call to help others turn what was meant for pain and destruction into hope and freedom. 

V4C was developed as a place where truth and grace collide as the harms of pornography are brought to light.

V4C is a founding member of Texas Advocates United for Sexual Health (TAUSH​  Our founder, Beau Abdulla is the chairman for the TAUSH steering committee.

V4C and TAUSH are committed to advocate for the passing a state resolution declaring pornography a public health issue in Texas.  ​We also support and promote the enforcement of Federal Obscenity Laws.

​V4C sets aside 20% of our annual program budget for this.